Cowboy Chaplain Guidelines

Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Chaplains of America Department will focus on Ordaining Cowboys and Cowgirls that have been called to serve the LORD in the livestock industry and beyond.  The Cowboy or Cowgirl will be Ordained as they apply and complete the requirements of each step. Those who are Ordained as a Cowboy or Cowgirl Chaplain will be recognized and authorized as an official representative of Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Chaplains of America (CCA).   But much more importantly they will have nationwide recognition as a representative of JESUS CHRIST to all the HOLY SPIRIT directs them to for ministry or for help. The Ordained Cowboy or Cowgirl Chaplain will complete and submit the required application, training course and other forms to Cowboys For Christ.  To be ordained there is training, writing your personal testimony for possible publication in the Christian Ranchman, as well as, other requirements and also an ordination ceremony and ministry by an ordained Chaplain to be determined as concerning time and place.

An application must be requested and is required to apply for licensing/ordaining as a Cowboys For Christ Cowboy/Cowgirl Chaplain, which can be submitted online or by regular mail.  Once the application is received there will be a review and prayerful consideration of all information within a 30 day period and the applicant will be notified if more info is needed or the application is approved or denied.  Each applicant will be required to submit the required fee along with the application ****** (ORDINATION FEE $200 + $25) ******which includes the official Cowboy Chaplain Training Manual and they will receive an official Cowboys For Christ Cowboy or Cowgirl Chaplain Belt Buckle, an official Cowboy or Cowgirl Chaplain Certificate and Identification Card. ****** ANNUAL SUSTAINING FEE $100.******

The Ordained Chaplain will have the opportunity to continue their studies and training to expand their knowledge as Cowboy or Cowgirl Chaplain with the Cowboy Chaplains Of America Department of Cowboys For Christ.  As an ordained Cowboy/Cowgirl Chaplain you will be recognized in the Christian Ranchman and you will be featured in the Cowboys For Christ website; and also listed in the Cowboy Chaplains Of America website.  A Cowboy Chaplain Facebook page has already been set up and each Chaplain will have access to the page for fellowship, training and edification.

The Official Ordination Package can be requested from the Headquarters of Cowboys For Christ.  This package will include the additional training and reading material that is required to be completed to be ordained as a Cowboys For Christ Cowboy/Cowgirl Chaplain Of America. There will also be other studies available for the growing servant of GOD by email, mail or on the Cowboy Chaplains Of America Facebook for the Ordained Cowboy Chaplain.

As it is in horse training, so it is in serving the LORD, you will never know it all, but you must always strive to be the very best.  Cowboys and Cowgirls, when it comes to serving my LORD and SAVIOR, I want to do my very best all of the time and I feel that you do too, which is why you are seeking to be Ordained as a Cowboy or Cowgirl Chaplain.  Cowboys For Christ and Cowboy Chaplains Of America wants to help you as you reach out to accomplish great and mighty things for the KINGDOM OF GOD. Dear HEAVENLY FATHER, Bless each one to do their best for YOU, In JESUS’ NAME, Amen.

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