Statement of Ministry

A Cowboy Chaplain is called to serve the MOST HIGH GOD and fulfill the commission from our LORD in Mark 16:15. That commission is to “GO” and Cowboy Chaplains accept that calling to “GO” wherever and whenever possible to proclaim, to witness, to reach out to the lost.

The object of the Chaplaincy training is to enable the Cowboy Chaplain to understand his/her position and role as a servant of GOD in the cowboy world and beyond. The Cowboy Chaplain is involved in an inter-denominational out-reach ministry that’s goal is to restore, to seek, to go to the hurting and the lost with the saving Gospel of JESUS CHRIST at anytime, anywhere and any way possible to be a fruitful worker for the KINGDOM OF GOD.

A Cowboy Chaplain is not a pastor, a preacher or an evangelist, he or she is all things to all people that they may be productive servants of GOD. A Cowboy Chaplain usually does not have a building in which to perform the function of the chaplaincy. A Cowboy Chaplain is very often not paid for his/her services. A Cowboy Chaplain does not minister exclusively with Christians; in fact, a large percentage of the time they are called to serve those that have no religious or spiritual background. Actually a Cowboy Chaplain may be called to minister to those who do not expect to be ministered to and in many cases are not open to or do they welcome being ministered to.

A Cowboy Chaplain does not punch the clock and is available to minister wherever and whenever they are called upon to serve and they serve wherever they are and whenever they can.

A Cowboy Chaplain seeks the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and prayerfully serves those that the LORD sends in their daily walk for HIS Glory, Honor and Gainful Service.

The duties of a Cowboy Chaplain may differ greatly in different areas of the country, but the spiritual aspect of the Chaplain’s role remains the same. All Cowboy Chaplains are expected to be:

  • A model of Christian life,
  • A leader of the Christian faith,
  • A friend and confidant,
  • A servant of the MOST HIGH GOD,

in his/her daily lives at all times and all places.

The Eternal Salvation of those ministered to must remain the constant and sustaining goal of a Cowboy Chaplain. As the Chaplain cares for their concerns, seeks to comfort their hurting and be of service to them there must be a strong desire for them to come to know JESUS CHRIST as their SAVIOR and LORD.

Please read those words again and focus on CHRIST. We are CHRIST-like, We are Christians and We are servants of the MOST HIGH GOD. We must never be apologetic of our LORD or our walk as born again believers. We must always speak as Christians, we must always act as Christians and we must use GOD’S HOLY WORD as we minister. We always minister in a loving, caring and CHRIST-like way as to draw the lost, minister to the hurting and serve in a way that will bring honor to our LORD and SAVIOR.

The office and work of a Chaplain is recognized by the US Government as a relevant and essential part of its representation of the people. There are many times that the Chaplain is the only one allowed by law to function as a ministering element under the covering of the separation of church and state.

There are many different ministering bodies that operate under the title of “Chaplain” in the country today; Military, Police, Hospital, College, Sports, Industrial, Race Track, Government and Prison. Each section has different functions and duties, but they all seek to relieve the hurting, reach the lost and minister to those in need.

Chaplaincy began in America in the military in 1776, and the need for Chaplains has grown as the nation has drawn away from the established denominations and has become increasingly secular. The desire to serve the LORD and reach out to the ever increasing numbers that have no religious background or spiritual direction has greatly increased the demand for qualified, trained and willing servant to fill the office and duties of a chaplain. The Cowboy world is certainly no different than any other walk of life and it is our prayer that you will help fill this void to bring the lost cowboys and cowgirls into GOD’S KINGDOM.

A true child of GOD wants to serve, and cowgirls are certainly included in this desire to serve. The “Call to Serve” is as strong in cowgirls as it is in any cowboy, and I know that we have all been blessed to see the dedication and commitment of the “ladies of faith.” I am sure that most are familiar with the Apostle Paul addressing the situation that the young Church and Church leaders were facing in I Timothy 2. I am also very aware of the instances in Rom 16:1-6 and Phil. 4:2-3 there the Apostle Paul called upon the ladies to serve in a number of ways to further GOD’S KINGDOM. In every chaplaincy division mentioned above; ladies serve with dignity as they seek to fulfil GOD’S calling on their lives. In fact, there are many instances that call for a lady to minister in situations that could reach a higher level to comfort the hurting; such as rape and abuse.

The Chaplains in modern America must establish connections between the Christian churches and the secular sphere of society to provide opportunities for the Christian faith to influence public life and to reach the lost. The Chaplain can and must be the bridge that crosses the divide of sinful mankind to the Temple of GOD as represented by denomination, non-denomination, Cowboy Churches, outreach ministries and any and all that are seeking to reach the lost and comfort the hurting as evil runs rampant across this nation. Cowboy Chaplains of America is here to help fill that need!
Cowboys For Christ is an inter-denominational outreach ministry to the Cowboy world and beyond. The ministry has functioned in this capacity since 1976. We know that the HOLY WORD OF GOD is complete and exact and we use it to read, study and minister. GOD’S WORD is the source of strength, help, comfort, joy, peace and guidance in the Cowboy world and we follow it in all that we proclaim and in our actions as we seek to serve those around us. The Doctrine Statement of Cowboys For Christ and those ministering under their banner reads as follows;

Cowboys For Christ Leadership, Cowboy Ministers and Cowboy Chaplains of America ministering statement of purpose is to; worship and serve the HOLY FATHER, accept and proclaim the HOLY SON and be led by the HOLY SPIRIT for HIS Honor, Glory and Gainful Service. The Cowboy Chaplain must have a (non) inter-denominational approach to be successful, because in many cases Cowgirl/Cowboy chaplains do not have the “church atmosphere” as they ministered. But being prayed up and studied up and allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to guide as they serve will help many to seek and find salvation as a natural event in the course of the Cowboy Chaplains ministry work. Cowboys For Christ has a long standing unblemished reputation of ministering to Cowboys and Cowgirls wherever they gather to work, play and live. Because of this reputation and backed by forty-four years of active ministering in the livestock industry the Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Chaplains of America (CCA) will be welcomed to function in a ministering role in a multitude of places that may not allow other type of ministry official to minister to the people.

The Cowboy Chaplain must be prepared to minister to non-Christian Cowboys and Cowgirls as well as those of different levels of Christian maturity. The Chaplain must be able to function in his/her highest capacity without consideration of the person’s spiritual or lack of spiritual background or understanding.

The Cowboy Chaplain will accept the position of being a “Spiritual Paramedic” or first responder in case of problems, emergencies or crisis. As the Cowboy/Cowgirl Chaplain responds as a “People Helper” they must have the proper attitude and:

  1. Be available…be there when needed, whenever and wherever.
  2. Be compassionate…be sympathetic, understanding and caring.
  3. Be a good listener…be quick to listen and slow to speak (except to pray with those in need).
  4. Do not be judgmental…This does not mean to condone their actions or behavior, but to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to convict them and guide you as to how to minister in each situation.

The spirituality of a Cowboy Chaplain is extremely important and must be continuously cultivated and nurtured, because spiritual leadership involves three important parts; Holiness, Humility and Hard Work. The Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Chaplain will be expected to be the spiritual leader in many programs, at many events, especially in the case of an emergency or crises, therefore they must be ready to lead.

Prayerfully seek HIM daily to do HIS WILL as a member of Cowboy Chaplains of America.