Cowboy Chaplain Guidelines (page 3)

Cowboys For Christ is an inter-denominational outreach ministry to the Cowboy world and beyond.  The ministry has functioned in this capacity for over forty-seven years and counting. We know that the HOLY WORD OF GOD is complete and exact and we use it to read, study and minister.  GOD’S WORD is the source of strength, help, comfort, joy, peace and guidance in the Cowboy world and we follow it in all that we proclaim and in all our actions as we seek to serve those around us.  The Doctrine Statement of Cowboys For Christ and those ministering under their banner reads as follows;   

Cowboys For Christ Leadership, Cowboy Ministers and Cowboy Chaplains of America ministering statement of purpose is to; worship and serve the HOLY FATHER, accept and proclaim the HOLY SON and be filled and directed by the HOLY SPIRIT for HIS Honor, Glory and Gainful Service. 

The Cowboy Chaplain must have a (non) inter-denominational approach to be successful, because in many cases Cowgirl/Cowboy chaplains do not have the “church atmosphere” as they ministered.  But being prayed up and studied up and allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to guide as they serve will help many to seek and find salvation as a natural event in the course of the Cowboy Chaplains ministry work.

Cowboys For Christ has a long standing unblemished reputation of ministering to Cowboys and Cowgirls wherever they gather to work, play and live.  Because of this reputation and backed by over forty-five years of active ministering in the livestock industry the Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Chaplains of America (CCA) will be welcomed to function in a ministering role in a multitude of places that may not allow other type of ministry official to minister to the people.

The Cowboy Chaplain must be prepared to minister to non-Christian Cowboys and Cowgirls as well as those of different levels of Christian maturity.  The Chaplain must be able to function in his/her highest capacity without consideration of the person’s spiritual or lack of spiritual background or understanding.  

The Cowboy/Cowgirl Chaplain will accept the position of being a “Spiritual Paramedic” or first responder in case of problems, emergencies or crisis.  As the Cowboy/Cowgirl Chaplain responds as a “People Helper” they must have the proper attitude and;

1 be available…be there when needed, whenever and wherever

2 be compassionate…be sympathetic, understanding and caring

3 be a good listener…be quick to listen and slow to speak (except to pray with those in need)

4 do not be judgmental…This does not mean to condone their actions or behavior, but to allow the HOLY SPIRIT to convict them and guide you as to how to minister in each situation.

The spirituality of a Cowboy Chaplain is extremely important and must be continuously cultivated and nurtured, because spiritual leadership involves three important parts; Holiness, Humility and Hard Work.   The Cowboys For Christ Cowboy Chaplain will be expected to be the spiritual leader in many programs, at many events, especially in the case of an emergency or crises, therefore they must be ready to lead.